Explosion Protection Expert

Explosion Risk Assessment

Explosion Risk Assessment

  Dragon Industries has extensive experience in modelling dispersion, explosion, and fire-related consequences through the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools and in choosing truly effective design solutions and mitigation measures and thereby improving both safety and cost effectiveness.


  FLACS is a comprehensive CFD tool for modelling flammable gas release and dispersions, VCE (vapor cloud explosions) blast loads in full 3D for all typical flammable and toxic release scenarios. It is used extensively in the Oil and Gas and Process industries and in facilities with dust explosion potential and many other fields. It is also capable of modelling all contribution and mitigation effects (such as confinement and congestion due to real geometry, ventilation, vent panels and openings, etc.) used for the management of explosion hazards.


  PHAST is a comprehensive process hazard analysis software tool for all stages of design and operation and evaluates the potential threats fast and accurately. And it could examine the progress of a potential incident from the initial release to far-field dispersion analysis including modelling of pool spreading, evaporation, flammable, toxic and explosion effects.

Dragon Industries could provide you with:

  • Integrated dispersion, fire and explosion modelling

  • Explosion load on target buildings, including peak pressure and duration

  • Mitigation measures evaluation on blast effect

  • Risk evaluation on onshore and offshore equipment

  • Facility sitting

  • Incident investigation, etc.

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