Explosion Protection Expert

Upgrade to Blast Building

Upgrade to Blast Building

  As the normal structure does not take the effects of blast overpressure caused by blast into consideration and specific structure requirements on blast resistant are not brought forward against the structure in the code, the safety of such non blast resistant structure will be reduced significantly once the similar special loads occur. Consequently, it is bound to result in significant property losses and damage and death to people. Therefore, it is necessary to change non-blast building to blast building.



  Blast protection expert of Dragon Industries, who adheres to the objective of Preventing Blast Disasters & Protecting Human Lives, is committed on how to change the non-blast building to blast building effectively so as to prevent the building fragments damaging people, destroying building structures or collapse in various unexpected blasting. Consequently, it reduces the losses to life and property dramatically.



  Blast protection expert of Dragon Industries simulates and analyzes the impact on building structures under blast load with LS-DYNA, confirms whether such non blast buildings will be structure damage or collapse, or wall damage in such special blast load in combination of the reliability identification result of such non blast building and overall effects of blast building, and eventually brings forward an overall effective solution and construction plan.



  Dragon Industries applied the advanced blast protection coating for non-blast building to blast building in combination with traditional reinforcement methods on building structures, including Section Enlargement, Steel Plate Bonding and Carbon Fiber Composites Bonding, etc., so we can provide an integrated effective solution to our clients. The blast buildings can not only resist the special load like blast wave, also resist the impact of high-speed objects (fragments) with various functions like fire proof, fire retardation, corrosion resistant, water proof, UV resistant and wear resistant, etc., so it improves the safety to life and property significantly.

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